The roads, trails, and passes throughout the Vast are:

• North Road: (Mulmaster) – Maskyr’s Eye – Kurth – King’s Reach – Swords Pool – Dead Tree Hollow – Dragon Falls – Hidden Hollow – Sevenecho – Maerstar – Procampur
• Coast Road: Tantras – Mossbridges – Ravens Bluff
• Cross Road: Kurth – Blanaer – Thindilar – Hlintar – Tantras
• The Hunt Trail: Kurth – Tavilar – Ylraphon
• Pass Trail: Tavilar – Blanaer
• Wandering Trail (aka Blaern’s Trail): Calaunt – Thindilar – Sendrin – Fallentree – Dead Tree Hollow
• Centaur Trail (aka The Long Reach Trail): King’s Reach – Sendrin – Bambryn – Orlimmin
• Hlintar Ride: Calaunt – Hlintar – Bambryn – Dark Hollow – Dragon Falls
• Lion’s Walk (aka Tantras Trail): Tantras – Orlimmin – Highbank Forest
• Mosstree Trail (aka Feldar’s Trail): Fallentree – Dark Hollow – Highbank Forest – Ravens Bluff
• The High Trail: Ravens Bluff – Burrowbluff – Sarbreenar – High Haspur – Procampur
• Helve’s Trail: High Haspur – Maerstar
• Stormcrest Trail: Sevenecho – Tsurlagol
• Three Trees Pass: North Road between Kurth and King’s Reach, through Marovia
• Viperstongue Ford: Cross Road at River Vesper between Blanaer and Thindilar
• Glorming Pass: North Road between Hidden Hollow and Sevenecho
• Elvenblood Pass: The High Trail between Burrowbluff and Sarbreenar

The map below reflects the travel times between significant locations in the Vast; these numbers reflect ten hours of travel per day, in optimum conditions. The first number reflects travel mounted on a good riding horse, the second number, after the slash, is for travel by foot for an adult human.

Waterborne travel is frequently used within the Vast. The following table shows the approximate distance between the various ports in the Vast along with rough travel times. The travel times assume an average merchant coaster or cog sailing in calm winds for 24 hours a day. Faster ships and better winds can decrease these times.

Ports Distance Travel Time
Ylraphon Calaunt 55 miles 1 day
Calaunt Tantras 110 miles 1 day, 12 hours
Tantras Ravens Bluff 40 miles 12 hours
Ravens Bluff Portsoy 80 miles 1 day
Portsoy Procampur 70 miles 1 day
Procampur Tsurlagol 165 miles 2 days, 12 hours


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