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Welcome to the Vast!

You’ve journeyed from far and near, to take service with Lady Parvanith Corlenier, a Sembian cleric of Waukeen, who believes Ylraphon can and will rise from the ruins of history to become a shining beacon of trade, The Gateway to the North.

Asked about the Vast, Elminster remarked: “Beware-there are beasts and secrets sleeping in those mountains that had best be awakened only by someone with a ready blade and fast spells, if they would live to boast of it.”

Here, you can find many, many resources for our campaign, including:

An Overview of The Vast
A Map of the Vast, and a guide to travel in the Vast
A Gazateer of locations in and around The Vast
A directory of Player Characters
A directory of House Rules
Current Clack of the Vast and Realms
Details of Nobles, Merchant Houses, and other powerful Factions of the Vast and Realms
Gods & Powers important to the Vast

“Remember: bandits and orcs are always with us. Slay one and three stand up in the same place. Kill one at thy gate, and expect to find another waiting under thy bed. Conduct thyself accordingly, and live longer.”

Main Page

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