The Well of Souls

Tarsakh, 1.1
The Journey Begins

The companions and agents of Lady Corlenier depart from Ylraphon, on an errand for Ravens Bluff. Suspecting that they’re being watched, but unable to be sure, they travel through the day and arrive in the fortified town of Tavliar.

Alki’s Notes: We left Ylraphon with the knowledge that we were being watched and that we were enemies of the area (Woodshade or Carthos noticed guards had changed flags from friendly to peaceful after we passed the guard post). 1st city we came upon was Tavliar where we met Bigot Cross (a traveler who wanted to pay us to guard his goods as he went north).

Tarsakh 1.2
Down the road we go.

Leaving Tavliar with the dawn, again suspecting that they’re being watched, and perhaps followed, our heroes make their way south of the Flooded Forest, arriving in Blanaer before the early spring dark.

Tarsakh 1.3
What's that smell?

After spending a night in aromatic Blanaer, Alki’s band travels south through the Viperstongue Ford Pass. Still suspecting they’re being watched, the adventurers arrive, about midway through the pass, at an improvised toll station, manned by men who’re only vaguely trying to conceal their origins in Calaunt.

The adventurers refuse to pay the toll, and are allowed to pass through, with only a dire warning of what may await them ahead, and a resigned sigh the the soldiers manning the checkpoint will be unable assist the group.

About two-thirds through the pass, in a high-walled, narrow area, the adventurers were confronted with a band of grass, unusually tall and healthy for this early in the spring, spanning the width of the pass.

After a few moments of consideration, Alki attempted to

Tarsakh 1.4

Leave Viperstongue Ford, pass through Thindilar, camp on the road.

Tarsakh 1.5

Leave road to trail to bypass Hlintar, End up east of Hlintar

Tarsakh 1.6

Pass East of Hlintar, bear West, rejoin road to outskirts of Tantras

Tarsakh 1.7

Leave Tantras, pass through Mossbridges, Arrive in Ravens Bluff

Tarsakh 1.8

Research Dragon Turtle

Tarsakh 1.9

1/2 day looking in to traveling by ship

1/2 day Martie researches Aideen

Tarsakh 1.10

Turl & Alki reserch Bloodstone Pass, Martie & Tamar research the Daradusks, O-Grit researches the staff or rod for the Dragon Turtle


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