Baroness Amuinara Daradusk

Head of House Daradusk


Very beautiful head of the Daradusk family – She and her four daughters are the last true heirs of the family.

Her husband was slain in a duel three months ago, and she’s been in mourning since.

Known to keep her husband’s helm on her desk, and talk to it when she’s alone.

Persued by many men, as she is a very desirable widow, with a very desirable portfolio. One such suitor is Lord Magistrate Sureblade, another is the bard Othember of Saerloon.

Baroness Daradusk is rumoured to have had no less than nine attempts on her life since her husband died.

Her four daughters are Shalimarra, Aerendra, Cathlea, and Relara; each is growing to be a beauty equal to their mother.

Baroness Amuinara Daradusk

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