The Well of Souls

Tarsakh 2.6

Alki discovers he must travel to Tantras to become a mentor. Carthos, Woodshade, and Turl attempt to catch the men, see them enter a bar occupied by gangers known as the Strangled Eels.

Go to Daradusk manor, meet Baroness, meet Jakub NeMoren, see 10 100# chests, 5000GP each. Learn about Ironguard, north of Tantras.

Tarsakh 2.5

Return to Sagacity – they’re passed out drunk. Party fakes an assault & rescue. Negotiate terms, make 100GP deposit.

Tarsakh 2.4

Met w/ Aideen, proposed 50K in “investment”

Alki, Tamar, and Merwyn get ambushed by kobolds while trying to catch watchers

Tarsakh 2.3

Look for Sagacity, find Snaggle and Genius drinking, very insulting, no desire to work.

Notice inn is watched, being followed.

Tarsakh 2.2

Research the Daradusk holdings – Martie

Carthos and Alki – Experts on Bloodstone Pass

Turl – Experts on Dragon Turtle & rod

Tarsakh 2.1

Martie & Alki meet with Aideen, discuss the family’s holdings in Ylraphon

Tarsakh 1.10

Turl & Alki reserch Bloodstone Pass, Martie & Tamar research the Daradusks, O-Grit researches the staff or rod for the Dragon Turtle

Tarsakh 1.9

1/2 day looking in to traveling by ship

1/2 day Martie researches Aideen

Tarsakh 1.8

Research Dragon Turtle

Tarsakh 1.7

Leave Tantras, pass through Mossbridges, Arrive in Ravens Bluff


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